Sunday, January 21, 2018

It’s Time to Update Your Profile

The About Us or Profile page is the second most visited page on your website. Consumers find the Home page and then, to learn about you, they click on your profile. Often these readers are under the stress of a legal problem so they want and need to connect with someone who can help. Therefore, your profile page, as the place where they can learn about you and your practice, is a significant part of their decision-making process.

Because your profile page is so important, it is vital that you review and update it every three to four months. The following are items to consider:

Your name, title and contact info should be right up front and easy to see. Prospective clients don’t want to work hard to find that information. They will navigate away from your profile or website before spending time searching.

Your photo: Readers want to see the person they will be working with. Make sure the photo is current and professionally done. A selfie won’t do the job.

writing your profile-old school
What you do for your clients: Writing in plain English and avoiding legalese and jargon, tell the reader what type of law you practice. Write in first person (I) if possible—some large law firms use third person (Lance Lawyer) and use pronouns. Tell the readers what it’s like to meet with you and how you will work to help them with their problem. If you have added a new service this is the place to let the readers know about it.

Write a compelling lead: If your lead starts like so: I. M. Lawyer is a shareholder in the firm…it needs to be re-written. Better to write: ‘As an elder law attorney, I help older persons with issues about their future care as well as their estate planning needs.’ This tells prospective clients seeking this type of help that they are in the right place.

Interesting Facts about you: Think about what makes you excel at lawyering. Maybe you’re really good at explaining law to clients or helping them reach a solution to their problem. Tell the readers what you like most about your area of practice, describe your hobbies and include your latest community relations activities.

Once your profile page on your website is up to date, check your LinkedIn Profile and any others that are out there that need review. Keeping your profile current is one of the most effective marketing efforts you can do to bring in more business.

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